Busting 4 myths attached to flooring peel and stick tiles

Busting 4 myths attached to flooring peel and stick tiles

Planning on giving your home a makeover? Then we bet, zeroing on the best type of flooring is one of the most difficult decisions to make. The flooring tiles should render durability while being attractive at the same time. While perusing through the ton of options, you indubitably must have come across the newest kind of tiling option that is the peel and stick tile. One of the most convenient ways to tile your room, a peel and stick tile comes with a high-quality adhesive that can be easily stuck to back up a sturdy vinyl tile or concrete flooring.

Like with any other new introduction, there are several myths that come attached with flooring tiles. Here is uncovering of the myths that give peel and stick tiles a reputation:

Peel and stick tiles are meant for small rooms – There is a wide misconception that peel and stick tiles are designed to be used in small rooms. However, this does not hold true. You do not have to limit the use of a stick and peel tile to the smaller rooms in your home. They make for great tiles to be used in a large living room or foyer and can beautify the space with different contrasting shades. Not just small rooms, they can give big rooms a classy look too.

Not very durable – The most commonly believed myth about peel and stick tiles is that are not as durable as ceramic tiles. Well, this is certainly not true. A peel and stick tile may be cost efficient but that does not take away its durability. They can be used anywhere, even in rooms that are used very often. All you have to do is maintain and nurture your peel and stick tiles and they will stay new as ever for the longest time.

Peel off over time – Peel and stick tiles come with a very strong adhesive that keeps the tile in place for as long as you need. There is very low possibility that the tile will peel off over time, especially if you a peel and stick tile from a good brand.

Peel and stick tiles do not look attractive – You may hear several times that a peel and stick tile does not look as beautiful as a ceramic tile. However, peel and stick tiles do not hold true to this myth. They come in a smorgasbord of designs and styles that you can choose from. You can pick a peel and stick tile pattern and color that suits the theme of your room.