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No-fault insurance is designed to promptly pay personal injury claims and lower potential litigation costs. No-fault insurance often includes or requires personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which can pay for each insured's medical care (and more) after an accident, regardless of fault.

What is no fault auto insurance?


Auto insurance is meant to protect you if you cause injuries to others or damage their property in an auto accident. It can also provide protection if your car is damaged in an accident or is stolen. What protection you have is spelled out in your auto insurance policy. An auto insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. Yo

What does auto insurance cover?


Motor insurance, property insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, treatment cover, health insurance, and family floater policy are among the common general insurances available.

Which are the common types of general insurance?


A minimum level of coverage is required for car insurance. The minimum amount is decided and designed by the WA car insurance companies in such a way that the cost of the loss can be covered up by the survivor of the accident and one should not face any monetary loss. The different car insurances have different minimum coverage - liability and prop

What is the minimum level of car insurance coverage for driving in Washington state?


You can buy business insurance from any of a number of different brokers. Make sure you get multiple quotes before you commit to buying a policy.

Where should I buy General Liability Insurance?


If youre looking for auto insurance, it can quickly feel like your head is spinning. Between all the different auto insurance types and the minimum amount of insurance you are required to have by state, it can be a lot to take in. These are the most common types of auto insurance: 1. Bodily injury liability. 2. Property damage liability. 3. Hospita

What are the types of auto insurance?