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Life In The 1950s

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I never knew how soon the day would come, I’d remember with nostalgia my life in the 50’s, and how it was back then. Life moved at a slower pace; It was a time of peace, and of a certain innocence.

It was a time for soda fountains, sock hops, and poodle skirts with crinolines. A young girl’s fashion was polished classic, or girly, girl with sheen and frill. Young boys played marbles in the sand, and chased girls in the school yard. Most of all, there was a downhome flavor, where home, God and country was at the center of daily life.

Little did I know how the world would change, how I’d evolve, and even embrace modern technology. But as simple as picking wildflowers, and searching for the end of rainbows, I remember a golden time, as we tend to place an added value on that which has past.

Girl’s Poodle Skirt:

In the 1950’s girls wore, girly clothes, with sheer scarves at their neck or to tie their hair. The 50’s fashion for young girls was full skirts, or circle skirts, cute dresses, fabrics, colors and underlaid with lacy starched crinolines. And one couldn’t recall 50’s fashion without including the poodle skirt. Aptly named, as on it, was an applique of a poodle! Flashback to the 50’s soda shop and sock hops. (50’s dances) Note: The cute black and white shoes were called saddle oxfords.

Pitcher Of Daises:

In the springtime, the fields at home were filled with bright golden daisies. They seemed to always be the brightest, still brushed with dew of the early morn, on my way to the school bus. In the afternoon, on my way home, I’d pick some daisies for Mama. And sometimes I’d tuck this pretty lacy sunshine in my hair.

It’s not that daisies disappeared after the 50’s, it’s just that we seemed more to pause, and take in their warmth and beauty. To brighten your day, or to remind someone of how they’re the sunshine in your life, a Pitcher of Daises is on site, available below.

Life In The 50’s: A Time To Dream:

IM.1091_zlThere were Teen Rooms, with Jukeboxes that for 25 cents, kids could listen to the latest Rock & Roll hits, and have a chocolate milkshake, while more racy boys smoked a cigarette. At 13, I crossed a small paved road at a park to go listen to the jukebox play.

In the 1950’s American Bandstand, where teens hogged the camera while dancing to the latest 50’s songs, became a hit program. Rock & Roll music was the teen craze of the times, with the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and The Big Bopper preforming the music of the decade.

Girls wore full circle skirts with white starched crinolines, a boy’s ring on a chain around their neck, if she was going *steady* with one guy. This would be popular into the 60’s. Boys were known as clean cut, or a little on the wild side if he wore a leather jacket, and smoked.

Boys carved girl’s initials above their own in trees, wrote love notes, and met with them at dances beneath a bandstand. If we were lucky, there was a band of some kind, but usually someone was just spinning vinyl records.

At carnivals a long trailer filled with hay was attached to a tractor, soon to be filled with young teens, their voices and laughter filling the night air. Rides started at dusk, so if you were late arriving, you missed the fun. If you were lucky, you got a ride, and the hay was packed down enough to not be itchy.

Life In The 50’s:

When telephones were all black installed on the wall, and had a party line. Party lines could be six people or more, and a young teen never knew when some neighbor was listening in on their conversation. Teens too, have been known to listen in on adult conversations.

I lived in the best of two worlds, in a country setting about 30 minutes from the Gulf beaches. I shopped at the Shopping Center with Mama, or while Daddy sat waiting on a bench outside reading. Back yards had swings tied to trees, and summer was watermellon time, and church socials.

Cokes came in glass bottles, and were a favorite thirst quencher available in a big cooler at hardware stores, and other locales for 5 cents. They were often bought at the supermarket by the case.

Home was surrounded by fields, and in springtime and summer they were not only scattered with wildflowers, but with blueberries. I found fresh blueberries to pick and often some plump blackberries, that were later rinsed and frozen in half gallon milk cartons. As the 50’s rolled along, cartons had replaced glass milk bottles.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you’ve enjoyed a little blast from the past. Won’t you share what you remember about the 50’s. Didn’t experience them? Would love for you to share your reflection, or a hello is just as sweet.